Why Performance Culture?

The PURPOSE of Performance Culture is to help you achieve the business results you want by creating a great place to work.

Performance Culture Infographic

Factors that impact workplace satisfaction


  • My performance is measured against outcomes and metrics that are clearly explained.
  • I regularly receive meaningful recognition for doing my job well.
  • My manager supports my professional development goals.
  • In my role, there are ongoing opportunities to learn and grow.
  • My opinions are taken into account and considered here.
  • The purpose of my organization is clearly understood and my role matters.
  • My co-workers are accountable for doing quality work and I¬†enjoy working with them.
  • I receive candid feedback about my performance at least twice a year.

Employee engagement not only affects workplace satisfaction, but also company performance.

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Employee Engagement is a Reflection of a Company's Culture

Attributes of a Great Culture