Why we do what we do

We love helping people be great by creating an environment that allows them to maximize their potential and achieve their personal vision.  The key to making this happen is the manager and employee relationship.

Unfortunately, most organizations struggle with employee engagement resulting in increased recruitment costs and less customer satisfaction.


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Reduced Customer Satisfaction

Source: The Undercover Recruiter

Employee engagement not only affects workplace satisfaction, but also company performance.

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Twelve Factors that Create an Effective Workplace

  • My performance is measured against outcomes and metrics that are clearly explained.
  • I have access to everything that I need in order to perform well at my job.
  • My strengths are recognized here and I put them into practice every day in my job.
  • I regularly receive meaningful recognition for doing my job well.
  • My manager and I have a good working relationship.
  • My manager supports my professional development goals.
  • My opinions are taken into account and considered here.
  • The purpose of my organization is clearly understood and my role matters.
  • My co-workers are accountable for doing quality work.
  • At work, I consider at least one of my co-workers to be a good friend.
  • I receive candid feedback about my performance at least twice a year.
  • In my role, there are ongoing opportunities to learn and grow.

Employee Engagement is a Reflection of a Company's Culture