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Performance Culture is a performance management software that helps leaders build teams of highly engaged employees.

Tulloch Consulting partners with Performance Culture to provide clients with a superior way to align, coach, and lead their teams.

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Better Teams Better Results

Performance Culture helps leaders build better teams to achieve better results. The software improves employee engagement by helping managers coach employees versus just evaluating them.

Teams love our software because it's easy to use and provides the feedback they need.

Align teams around your mission, vision and core values. Establish performance expectations and workplace behaviors that define success for each employee.

Coach team members with the Performance-Values Matrix. Focus on key behaviors that drive results and support the company culture. Request 360° feedback to gauge management effectiveness and employee satisfaction.

Evaluate the performance of employees, teams, and managers. Recognize and reward your star employees. Quickly assess if you have the right employees in the right seats.

Performance Reviews

Build a coaching culture throughout your organization with Focus, Accountability and Team Chemistry.

Managers use the Performance-Values Matrix to coach team members on performance objectives as well as behaviors that support your Core Values.


Check-ins help managers and employees stay aligned and focused on priorities.

Check-Ins provide a quick and easy way to communicate progress, issues and concerns.


Build a healthy culture by recognizing team players based on your core values. Celebrate wins and appreciate others for displaying great workplace behaviors.

Foster a culture of core value recognition by sharing on your organization's dashboard.

Everything You Need to Build Teams of Highly Engaged Employees 

Employee Engagement Surveys

Cascading and Agile Goals

360° Feedback

Self Assessments


Learning Management

Leadership Planning Agendas


What Our Customers Say

Sid Mitchener

Senior Managing Partner, Vaco

"The software has helped us create a common and accurate language for truly measuring performance objectives and core tenants, and the four-block dashboard creates an excellent visual for tracking growth and areas for improvement from review to review.”

Jeanette Whitman-Lee

VP of Human Resources, Educational Alliance

"The passion for the job really comes through. It's very refreshing to have a group of highly expert individuals to assist with the most important work a Company can do -- grow its talent."

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