Software Features

Performance Culture helps managers:
Become better coaches,
Select the right people for the right seats, and
Recognize high performers.

Company Goals and Core Values

Use the Performance Culture templates to define your Company’s Mission, Vision, Core Values & Goals. Your organization’s purpose establishes the foundation for a Performance Culture.


Align employee's performance objectives with company goals. Define key workplace behaviors for each employee that support your company culture. Evaluate and coach employees utilizing the Performance Values Matrix. Develop Individual Development Plans and monitor progress throughout the year.


Employees self-assess their performance and provide feedback prior to the manager completing the evaluation. The self-assessment helps managers coach employees to be their best.


View reports that show how the team is performing and supporting the company culture through the lens of the Performance Values Matrix.

360° Feedback

Receive feedback from employees about their workplace satisfaction as well as suggestions to improve the company. Enable employees to provide feedback and recognition for each other. Give managers the option to ask Clients for feedback on employees as well.


Weekly Check-Ins help managers and employees stay aligned and focused on priorities. Coach employees with Performance Culture coaching tips and feedback forms.

Business Planning

Collaborate with team members to identify issues, challenges and opportunities. Develop Leadership Planning Agendas to track action plans. View business progress throughout the year with historical reporting.

Online Access with Defined User Roles

Access the application anywhere with a browser. Assign User Roles to limit access - User Roles include: Administrator, Super User, Manager & Employee


Get the most out of your training and development. Assign learning topics to employees and track progress. Use Learn to quickly on-board new employees.


Utilize Performance Culture Surveys to assess employee engagement throughout your organization. Create customized surveys to gain additional insight into your organization.

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