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How do user roles work?

There are five user roles: Admin, Super User, Manager, Employee and Coach.

  • Admin and Super User roles can view and edit all company records / reports but only the Admin role can change account information.
  • The Manager role can view company information and his or her team reports. The Manager can also view and edit his or her employees information (i.e., Performance Reviews).
  • The Employee role can view company information, edit self assessments and provide 360 degree feedback (all users can provide 360 degree feedback).
  • The Coach role has access to companies he or she works with. Many clients work with a Certified Performance Culture Coach to help implement the Performance Culture System.

How do I implement the Performance Culture System?

  1. Leadership team defines the organization’s vision, mission, core values and goals.
  2. Managers define performance expectations for each position and establish three to five key behaviors to maximize the employee’s potential.
  3. Employees discuss their professional objectives with the manager.
  4. Coaching: (A) Employees self assess their performance and provide feedback on workplace satisfaction; (B) Managers evaluate performance, recognize contributions and coach employees what to work on over the next period (month or quarter).
  5. After evaluations are completed, leaders review the Performance Culture Organizational Scorecard to evaluate team and company performance and culture. The report identifies key areas that should be improved as well as team member strengths.

Where do I find the User Guide?

  • After a User logs into the system, he/she can find the User Guide on the Home Page.

Tell us about any unique support, training and/or implementation services you offer.

  • Each subscription includes Manager and Employee training to not only learn the system, but also to understand performance management best practices. The training helps Team Leaders learn how to coach their employees versus just rating them. The training covers the three steps of developing and maintaining a Performance Culture: Align, Coach and Manage.
  • Clients also have the option of working with a Certified Performance Culture Coach™ to help implement the performance management platform. Our coaches can facilitate leadership meetings that foster alignment between the company’s mission & goals with your employees’ roles, performance objectives and career aspirations. Coaches are also available for leadership training & coaching and can participate in Manager:Employee coaching sessions / performance reviews. Our team has worked with hundreds of clients and will share best practices to ensure a successful implementation.

If you had to pick one or two specific capabilities that most differentiate your product from others on the market, what would they be and what makes them so unique?

Performance Culture has three unique advantages when compared to other web-based performance management platforms:

  1. Performance Culture 2 x 2 Organizational Scorecard™
    • Performance Culture 2 x 2 Organizational Scorecard™ evaluates each team member as well as your overall organization based on the 2 x 2 grid developed by Jack Welch. The vertical axis measures performance and the horizontal axis evaluates behaviors (culture fit). The visual representation helps team members understand how they fit within the organization and provides powerful insights that can improve team performance and your company culture.
  2. Simplicity for Team Leaders and Employees
    • Performance Culture was built with the Team Leader in mind. Your organization is only as good as your Team Leaders. Many Team Leaders have historically viewed performance reviews as an administrative HR task that yields little value. The web-based interface is super easy for Team Leaders and Employees to use. Our system is focused solely on talent and performance management. Our APIs make it easy to integrate the system with other HRIS systems.
  3. Ability to Customize
    • The application can be customized to support each organization’s way of doing business. The customization is very easy to do and much more affordable when compared to competitive applications (Very few offer the detailed customization we can provide).

How long have we been around?

  • The Performance Culture System was developed in 2010.

Who buys our software?

  • There are dozens of industries that use the Performance Culture System. Clients purchase the subscription directly through Performance Culture. Partner Coaches and Consulting Firms deliver implementation services to the client.

Can I access Performance Culture on my mobile device?

  • The Performance Application is mobile friendly and works great on mobile devices, especially tablets.