Software Features

Performance Culture uses the Performance-Values Matrix to help you unlock the full potential of your team.  The software includes Performance Reviews, Check-Ins, Coaching Templates, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback and a Learning Management System.

Awesome Performance Reviews

Performance Culture’s approach will help you build a coaching culture throughout your organization with Focus, Accountability and Team Chemistry.

Managers use the Performance-Values Matrix to coach team members on performance objectives as well as behaviors that support your Core Values.


Check-ins help managers and employees stay aligned and focused on priorities.

Check-Ins provide a quick and easy way to communicate progress, issues and concerns.

Goal Management

Use the Performance Culture System to define what success looks like and track progress towards that success.

The performance management software includes a Goals feature to easily manage and communicate on Cascading and Agile goals.

Track Action Plans

Improve your meetings with the Performance Culture Leadership Planning Agendas.

Achieve your team’s goals by prioritizing activities and tracking action plans.

Workplace Satisfaction

See how engaged your team members are and compare workplace satisfaction ratings with the Performance-Values Matrix.

Employee engagement surveys provide valuable insight and help you build and maintain a great company culture.

360 Degree Feedback

Employees can recognize their peers for outstanding work.

Managers and employees can request feedback from other employees as well as clients!

Self Assessments

Employees can easily complete self assessments and track progress throughout each evaluation period.

Self assessments help managers understand how their team members view their own performance.


Get the most out of your training and development. Assign learning topics to employees and track progress.

Use Learn to quickly on-board new employees plus access Performance Culture coaching and software training videos.