Create a Performance Culture for your Insurance Agency

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Insurance Agency Case Study


In 2012, I was asked to help an insurance agency grow sales by coaching its agents. The agency was one of the best known in my city so I was flattered and eager to take on this opportunity as their Sales Coach. However, after I started I realized my role would become much more than a Sales Coach. While I could develop a producer’s skills & knowledge, the agency lacked an effective performance management system to:

  • Align individuals towards a common purpose with a shared value system;
  • Provide frequent feedback and coaching to maintain alignment;
  • Recognize good behaviors and performance; and
  • Not accept low performance, poor attitudes or negative behaviors.

To address these needs we decided to implement the performance management practices described in the book Performance Culture: Drive Profits & Create a Great Workplace, written by Dallas Romanowski. The results were amazing. The agency grew 21% after one year of implementing the Performance Culture System™(PCS) and began to implement its leadership succession plan. Workplace satisfaction and team chemistry improved throughout the team. The agency’s growth was fueled by improving the key performance metrics that drive profitability:

  • Sales / Employee
  • Gross Profit / Employee
  • Customer Retention
  • Revenue / Customer

In 2015 I took a leap of faith and changed careers to co-found Performance Culture, Inc., with Dallas. In addition to leadership training and coaching, our company now offers PCS as a web-based application. I’m still passionate about the insurance industry and maintain my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. Our company looks forward to working with many more agencies and helping you build a Performance Culture!


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