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Performance Culture Survey

  • The Performance Culture Survey will help you understand how well your organization is implementing the three components of a Performance Culture.
  • Understand the strengths of your organization, leadership and manager effectiveness, employee morale and engagement levels, and how these results correlate with the employee-manager relationship.
  • A Performance Culture Coach will analyze the results and prepare recommendations for you to consider.

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Leadership Alignment

  • A successful Performance Management Program begins with leadership alignment. A Performance Culture Coach™ can help align your Performance Management Program with your organization’s mission, vision, core values, and goals. During the planning session, your coach will help you determine the best ways to rollout Performance Culture throughout your organization.
  • Learn more by visiting our example Leadership Planning Agenda.

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Operationalize Your Core Values

  • Core Values that are simply stated but not visible throughout your organization through observable employee behaviors are meaningless. Operationalizing your Core Values into everyday actions, including your performance management process, can help you achieve awesome, sustainable results.
  • A Performance Culture Coach will help you learn how to recognize, coach, and evaluate team members with your Core Values so they become a true part of your workplace culture.
  • A training program will be created as part of this services package.
  • If you haven’t defined your Core Values, we can help you do this through a process facilitated by a Performance Culture Coach.

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Leadership and Executive Coaching

  • Our Leadership and Executive Coaching helps strengthen leadership and managerial competencies by improving self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.
  • Coaching Engagements may include:

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