MGMA 2018 | The Annual Conference


Most leaders understand the cost of employee burnout, but few understand how to combat it.  The “head down, push through” mindset of some healthcare workers amid the increasingly complex regulatory and payer requirements can lead to breakdowns in communication. This can end with a loss of trust, disengagement, and burnout, all of which can hurt the level of care, service and your bottom line.

Learn how to pivot your practice to a healthy, high-performance culture by attending our session at the MGMA 2018 Conference:  “Using Communication, Performance Culture to Reduce Employee Burnout.”

Our session demonstrates how to reestablish clear communications with providers and staff, connecting their goals to your organization’s overall mission, vision, and values.

3 KEY TAKEAWAYS from the Session include:

  • Analyze the relationship between communicated individual performance and company vision, mission, and values
  • Diagram job performance successes, gaps and the potential upside to leveraging team data results
  • Outline a plan for instituting new methods personally, professionally and sharing benefits with your team to reduce conflict.

About the Speakers

Erinn Beekman, CMPE, MBA senior consultant at Performance Culture, has helped healthcare business leaders define and execute success strategies for 20+ year in the roles of Administrator, President, and Consultant. She supported various specialties with inpatient and outpatient care impacting best practices in operations, finance, human resources, compliance, and customer care. She earned a BS from Chapel Hill and her MBA from UNCW.


Melissa Phillippi, Co-Founder, and President of Performance Culture, Inc., helps leaders improve their company culture through focus, accountability and team chemistry. She developed the Performance Culture “Coach the Coach” program to help organizations build a coaching culture that engages employees and improves workplace satisfaction. She earned a BS in Economics from UNCW and holds the CFPⓇ designation.