LIVE Leadership
Development Series

Join our LIVE webinar series to take your leadership to the next level.

Pre-registration for savings closes September 1st 2016.

Leadership Development Series for Leaders
and Leaders of Leaders.

Introducing our new development series delivered in 2 hour classes by a Certified Performance Culture Coach.

Class One: Master the Four Factors That Improve Employee Engagement

  1. Improving the manager and employee relationship.
  2. Creating team chemistry though peer relationships.
  3. Aligning job expectations with employee goals.
  4. Building and sustaining your company culture.

Class Two: Improve Your Leadership Presence

  1. Understanding how to adapt your behaviors to best communicate to others.
  2. Determine what motivates others (Hint: It’s not always what motivates you).
  3. Understanding how your natural behavioral style and personal motivators impact your leadership skills.
  4. This class includes a TTI TriMetrix® DNA Leadership Assessment ($100 value)

Class Three: Experiential Learning for Leaders

Participants will share how they are implementing the four factors that drive employee engagement. You will learn from other’s experiences and how they overcome common challenges found in the workplace. This class provides an opportunity to expand your professional network with leader who are making a difference. (Class One & Two are pre-requisites)

Limited Space Available.

Pre-register today for $100 savings.*

Regular registration cost is $149 per class. *Registration for all 3 classes required for $100 savings.

October 2016 Dates

  • Class One: Friday, October 14th 10am – 12pm EST
  • Class Two: Friday, October 21st 10am – 12pm EST
  • Class Three: Friday, October 28th 10am – 12pm EST
Registration closes September 30th 2016

November 2016 Dates

  • To be announced.

December 2016 Dates

  • No classes scheduled.

January 2017 Dates

  • To be announced.