i3 Broadband Onboarding Consulting Survey

i3 Broadband Onboarding Consulting Survey

Performance Culture Onboarding Consulting

Complete the questions below to begin creating your performance culture. You may need to consult with others, refer to our guides and videos, and truly think through your answers. That's totally normal. Just know, this isn't set in stone but it will give your onboarding consultant what she/he needs to begin building the system with your organization's intentions at the heart of it! Try not to get too concerned about how it will look in the system, that's our job. Just answer honestly and let us build. We will come back together to ensure the application is aligned with your vision before we roll it out to your organization.

Questions to consider: Why should customers (or target audience) purchase our product or service? Why should employees work for us? Why should the community support us? Why should investors/donors invest capital in us?
Questions to consider: What types of products and services do we want to provide in 5 years? What is our ideal target market 5 years from now? Will our Unique Value Proposition be the same or different? If different, how so? How big do we want our organization to be in 5 years? (i.e. Geography, Employees) What will our organization need to look like in 5 years? (i.e. Leadership Positions, Org Structure, Ownership, Demographics)
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Goal Management Feature

The Goal Management feature allows you to track cascading goals, integrate with Check-Ins, can be viewed within a review, and includes automated notifications.
Achieve your strategic vision by managing OKRs and cascading goals. Track organization, department, team, and individual goals among goal owners and contributors.
Goal Management Guide: https://performanceculture.crisp.help/en/article/goal-management-guide-1phqibk/

Goal Management Report View (Example of Cascading Structure)


Build a healthy culture by recognizing team players based on your core values. Celebrate wins and appreciate others for displaying great workplace behaviors.
Foster a culture of appreciation by sharing recognition on your organization's dashboard.
See everything your employee has been recognized for throughout the year on their performance review.
What is Recognition?: https://performanceculture.crisp.help/en/article/what-is-recognition-qzp5ry/

Recognition Dashboard

Recognition - PCS Training Video: https://vimeo.com/353793250


Increase employee engagement and performance with continuous feedback. Adjustable check-in cycles and customizable questions allow for in the moment coaching.
Take the burden of remembering to Check-In off of managers with automatic notifications and reminders.
Access check-in stats and reports to understand the utilization and quality of check-ins by managers.
What are Check-Ins?: https://performanceculture.crisp.help/en/article/what-are-check-ins-1hdt7zs/

Manager View of completed Check-In

Want to learn more? Create a Coaching Culture Using Check-Ins Video: https://vimeo.com/231083865
Our recommended questions: 1. What are your biggest accomplishments since your last Check-Ins? What are you most proud of? 2. What are your key priorities for this next Check-In cycle? 3. How can I best help you? TIP: Whatever you choose consider including around 3 questions and ensure they are not too specific (the same questions will be used each time employees check in).
TIP: Consider doing check-ins at least monthly.

Performance Reviews

Gain alignment with your employees by understanding how they believe they have performed. Coach your team more effectively by seeing their perspective with self-assessments.
Save time, increase accuracy and quality of feedback on performance reviews. Access an employee's check-ins, goal attainment, peer feedback and recognition on one page.
Evaluate the performance of employees, teams and managers. Recognize and reward your star employees. Quickly assess if you have the right people in the right seats.

Performance Review (Manager Perspective)

Consider watching Conducting an Effective Performance Review Part I - Align: https://vimeo.com/267799968 Our recommended Performance Objectives for managers: Delivers Results
, Job Knowledge/Self-Development, Performance Management

Our recommended Performance Objectives for employees: Delivers Results
, Job Knowledge/Self-Development.
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Based on the behaviors, objectives, and anything you would like to include from past reviews, your Onboarding Consultant will create 1 custom template. You will be able to create additional templates if/as needed.

What sections of our performance review would you like to incorporate?

360 Feedback (Internal and External)

Gather valuable peer and external insight into leadership, teams, and individuals' performance and behaviors.
Access individual or aggregated self and peer 360 degree feedback with summary reports.
What is 360 Feedback?: https://performanceculture.crisp.help/en/article/what-is-360-feedback-r4jf6w/

Do you want to allow peer to peer feedback?

Using 360 Degree Feedback to Enhance Your Process Coaching Video: https://vimeo.com/271392420
Think about your audience. Who are you sending this to?