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Performance Culture began serving Head Start programs in 2017 by partnering with the Onslow County Partnership for Children (OCPC). OCPC is a large child and family-serving organization with a focus on early care and education. Dawn Rochelle, CEO, has led OCPC for almost twenty years and is a natural leader that consistently works on her own personal and professional growth and invests in her team for the same.

OCPC’s National Alliance Trainer Stacey Knox first learned about Performance Culture at an Early Childhood Conference. Due to the priority of growth and development, and the desire to operate as an effective organization, Stacey invited Performance Culture’s President, Melissa Phillippi, to meet with their Senior Leadership Team.

Rochelle recalls the “a-ha moment” when she knew OCPC needed Performance Culture. “You had me at the X and Y axis,” Rochelle states, referring to Performance Culture’s Performance Values Matrix. “Prior to Performance Culture, we only measured and coached to performance. We had no standardized and clear way to measure and coach behaviors, something so critical for our work.”

Early Head Start (EHS) Deputy Director Stefanie Hunter leans on the Performance Culture System not only for coaching and evaluating employees but also for Head Start compliance documentation. As Stefanie states, “In the world of Head Start if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” Without documentation, future funding can be at risk.

Head Start employees at OCPC each have a clear performance goal and behavior competency template allowing for increased focus and accountability. In addition, the use of regular Check-Ins and the Learning Management System has allowed for a quick and easy way to track and document the employee’s performance and training progress, something critical for Head Start documentation requirements.

According to Rochelle, since implementing Performance Culture, OCPC has risen to another level of effectiveness, increasing the organization’s ability to help the underserved residents of Onslow County. OCPC embraced Performance Culture best practices and now celebrate their success with an even higher performing team and culture.

Building a performance culture helps Head Start Agencies gain additional efficacy across all program initiatives, freeing up more resources to do what they do best, and what our national community needs them to do.

Performance Culture’s mission is to help organizations build better teams for better results. If we can help accomplish this at organizations that have the ability to help the most vulnerable of our population, we’ve helped make a positive impact on our world. We invite you to read on and discover how your leaders can build better teams to achieve better results.

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