Performance Culture’s impact on companies and teams

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"Performance Culture Check-ins have helped to open the lines of communication between our managers and employees. This has been especially helpful for our remote employees who travel. It not only helps the employee focus on their priorities but also helps to identify any obstacles."

"My favorite piece of this software is the performance-values matrix; it gives our team a visual way to look at employee "fit" and open up conversations with individual employees about their performance and development. It's also a great system for organizing and storing employee records."

"The Performance Culture System transformed our business and culture. It helps us evaluate whether or not we have the right employees in the right seat.”

"Prior to using this tool, our reviews were mediocre. I didn't have a good framework to understand what was expected of me and what I could do to improve my performance. In a sales organization, people tend to be goal driven. This clearly sets up the goals to drive the behaviors."

"Experts in the field of performance management and their product shows it."

"I continue to be amazed at how robust and intuitive the system is in all facets. You can tell it has been well thought out by those that have experience actually working with people in performance planning. They've thought of everything and at a price point any business can afford."

"Performance Culture turned a nightmare into a pure breeze! All the Check-Ins, 360 Degree Feedback and notes helped make difficult conversations much simpler. Ah-may-zing!"

"The passion for the job really comes through. It's very refreshing to have a group of highly expert individuals to assist with the most important work a Company can do -- grow its talent."

"Our team loves it! Simple and easy to use but very effective for managing goals and assessments."

"The ability to measure performance AND BEHAVIOR engages all staff to participate."

The support from all the customer service reps has been phenomenal. They really care about their customers and that we are getting what we need from the software. It will be really great for employees to see the matrix after we complete our first cycle of evaluations. The visual is very powerful.

The platform is very customizable and can pretty much be built to suit your needs. The other "must have" for me in the selection process was to have a tool that not only was useful for managing performance, but gave me ability to measure our culture through a culture attainment change process. Performance Culture does exactly that.

It is a very flexible tool to fit who we are as an organization and improve how we have traditional handled performance management and bring us into the 21st Century. It gives us immediate insight into our talent in our organization and who may need assistance. It will also grow with you as you expand as well.