Coaching and Training Services

Activation & Set-Up

The role of a Performance Culture Coach is to help your organization move to the next level through effective Performance Management. Initially, this will include helping you set up the Performance Culture System for your company and walking you through the 3 pronged approach of Align, Coach, and Lead. The setup can be done onsite or remotely.

Implementation Options

Readiness Workshop

A full day workshop to evaluate your organization’s readiness to implement the Performance Culture System. The workshop will define what success looks like after implementing PCS, uncover concerns and challenges, and develop a change management strategy with key communication messages.

360 Degree Interviews

A Performance Culture Coach can help you dig into your company culture and find out what employees and fellow leaders really think through confidential staff interviews. Your coach will compile this information into a summarized, anonymous report for Leadership evaluation. Interviews can be conducted on or off site.

Behavioral and Motivator Analysis

A workshop that includes TTI TriMetrix DISC assessments designed to increase the understanding of an individual’s talents and foster effective team communication. TTI TriMetrix assessments include behavioral traits, key personal motivators and driving forces to help your team effectively focus their time and talents.

Leadership Alignment Workshop

Day One: A full day leadership planning session to help you define your organization’s vision, mission, core values and goals. If your leadership team has not clearly defined your organization’s direction or is not aligned, you will find this workshop very valuable. A clearly defined vision is necessary to develop and sustain a performance culture.

Day Two: A full day leadership planning session to establish performance objectives and core values for each position in your organization. Your Coach will also train your managers how to coach employees by incorporating their personal vision and behavioral style. The session includes Leadership Behavioral Profiles for those involved in the workshop. Note: Larger organizations with several departments may require more than one day.

Coach the Coach

Many clients find it helpful to engage the help of a Performance Culture Certified Coach to assist in their first 1-on-1 review coaching session–or as we like to call the process “Coach the Coach”. Your Coach will facilitate up to five 1 on 1 meetings and two manager debrief / coaching sessions. This serves to aid the manager in navigating the Performance Culture System and train them on how to conduct a successful coaching conversation.

During Coach the Coach, your Performance Culture coach will give immediate feedback to managers on what they are doing well and where they can improve. Your coach will help managers with the process and the “Dos and Don’ts” for an effective conversation.  Read more…

Customized Coaching

Many organizations find it helpful to work through issues and challenges with the help of a Performance Culture Coach. Senior leaders looking to improve their leadership skills also find it helpful to work with an Executive Coach. If your organization is interested in these services, your Performance Culture Coach will develop a customized Scope of Work to fit your needs.