Coach the Coach Training Program

Many clients find it helpful to engage the help of a Performance Culture Certified Coach to assist in their first 1-on-1 review coaching session–or as we like to call the process “Coach the Coach”.

In the first session, your Performance Culture coach will facilitate up to five 1-on-1 meetings and two manager debrief / coaching sessions. This will help the manager navigate the Performance Culture System and train them on how to have effective coaching conversations.

Your Performance Culture coach will give managers immediate feedback on what they are doing well and where they can improve.

Sample Agenda

  • 1 hour – Executive and Senior Leader
  • 1 hour – Senior Leader and Department Manager
  • 1 hour – Senior Leader and Department Manager
  • 1 hour – Debrief Lunch with Executive and Senior Leader(s)
  • 1 hour – Department Manager and Employee
  • 1 hour – Department Manager and Employee
  • 1 hour – Debrief Meeting with Executive, Senior Leaders and Managers

The agenda above allows managers to participate in the review process as an employee first.  This gives the managers the ability to understand the process from the employee’s perspective. Managers are then better prepared to deliver meaningful feedback when they are coaching their employees.

This perspective, coupled with immediate feedback from a Performance Culture Certified Coach, instills valuable leadership skills, rapidly increases the adoption of the Performance Culture process and creates manager “buy-in”.

Review sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour each (sometimes longer if your organization includes custom questions with each review). In between each scheduled review, your Performance Culture coach will provide feedback to the manager so he or she can immediately apply lessons learned in the next coaching conversation.

The training includes two (2) debrief sessions with the leadership team to capture lessons learned throughout the day.