Virtual Team DISC Workshop

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Benefits of the Workshop

  • Improve team chemistry through analyzing DISC assessments and working through hands on exercises
  • Uncover how to better communication with your team members
  • Improve the efficiency of team members who may be working remotely or in different work environments

Workshop Agenda:

DISC Behaviors and Driving Forces

  • Presentation about what DISC is, why it matters, how it helps
  • Dive into each factor, learn about different behavioral styles, interpreting results
  • Group and individual exercises & team building game

*5 DISC assessments included, additional assessment are $50 each. Max of 15 participants per session. You are welcome to book multiple sessions for your team.

$899 for 2 Hour Virtual team DISC Workshop*

How does the Team DISC Workshop work?

Team Completes Assessment

Once your team is registered for the training, team members will complete the DISC assessment prior to the training session.

In Depth Analysis of Reports

We go through a detailed overview of what DISC is, why it matters, and how it can help your team.

Team members will come prepared with their DISC reports and we will go through an in depth interpretation and analysis of the results. 

Team Exercises

We work through a personal exercise to help each team member fine tune their understanding of their DISC profile and receive feedback from trusted peers. 

We also engage the team through a group exercise to better understand their preferred communication style. 

To conclude the training, we have a fun team building game.  

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Images are from the TTI DISC report