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Nonprofit Organizations are uniquely positioned to impact their communities and the world for good, leaving a legacy of transformed lives. However, this impact is lessened when an increasing amount of labor hours has to be allocated toward fundraising and contract compliance. Nonprofits are often reliant upon government funds, which are usually inadequate for the total program expense and often come with compliance requirements. Nonprofits everywhere are doing their part to operate leaner by seeking additional private or unrestricted dollars.

With the amount of time and energy spent on merely procuring and renewing the funds required to operate nonprofit programs, leadership often finds little time is left for the most essential component of a program’s success and continuance – the effectiveness and growth of talent.

That’s where Performance Culture comes in, and how we’re doing our part to advance the mission and vision of nonprofit organizations, something we’re honored to support.

Jeanette Whitman-Lee, VP of Human Resources at Educational Alliance, has been a client of Performance Culture for over a year and cites “an efficiency improvement in departments of 10% just in the first year of launch and a 20% reduction in overall Agency assessments by external government agencies providing oversight of funding usage.”

Whitman-Lee continues, “For Educational Alliance, a qualitative leap has been the ability to use Performance Culture to develop a common internal language that links mission and core values to behavioral standards of performance delivery across all strata of the Agency.”

Nonprofit organizations know that it’s not just what they provide that matters; it’s also “how” their teams provide it. Behaviors define the culture of the organization rather than a stated mission. These behaviors are also the key motivators for your community, grantors, and philanthropic partners to support your organization.

When teams are rowing the boat in the same direction, you reach results faster and enjoy the experience of getting where you want to be. Building a performance culture helps nonprofit organizations gain additional efficacy across all program initiatives, freeing up more resources to do what they do best, and what our global community needs them to do.

We invite you to read on and discover how your leaders can build better teams to achieve better results.

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