Nonprofit Talent & Culture Summit


Non-profit organizations are uniquely positioned to impact their communities and the world for good, leaving a legacy of transformed lives.  However, just like for-profit companies, non-profit organizations continually face challenges that can derail them from fulfilling their mission and reaching their vision.

To do amazing things you need an amazing team.

So how do you build an amazing team and help individuals function at their highest potential?

Come learn how in the Performance Culture Session titled, “Build a Culture of Accountability and Team Chemistry Through Your Performance Management Process.”

Our White Paper reveals the simple yet powerful practice of using the Performance-Values (PV) Matrix to manage your team. The four quadrants of the PV Matrix represent the possible combinations of high or low performance and high or low values.

KEY TAKEAWAYS from the Session include:
• Learn coaching practices you can immediately implement with your team;
• Understand how to create an organizational scorecard that compares your performance with your culture;
• Learn how to make tough conversations easier.

About the Speakers

Melissa Phillippi HeadshotMelissa Phillippi, Co-Founder, and President of Performance Culture, Inc., helps leaders improve their company culture through focus, accountability and team chemistry. She developed the Performance Culture “Coach the Coach” program to help organizations build a coaching culture that engages employees and improves workplace satisfaction. She earned a BS in Economics from UNCW.


Dallas Romanowski HeadshotDallas Romanowski is the Co-Founder and CEO of Performance Culture, Inc., a performance management platform that helps managers become better coaches and engages employees to achieve the company vision as well as their own.

Dallas is the author of Performance Culture – a leadership book that describes how leaders can drive profit while building a great workplace. He earned his MBA from Emory University and a BS from UNCW.