We believe people deserve a chance to be great and work in an environment they love; and that an organization’s culture should build a sense of community while fulfilling its mission.  We believe managers should be more than supervisors – they should coach and mentor their employees.

Company culture drives an organization’s competitive advantage because it determines how things are done and how people behave — an advantage that is difficult to copy. When your culture drives performance and fosters team chemistry, it’s known as a Performance Culture. While each organization’s culture is unique, a Performance Culture includes a pattern of remarkably consistent behaviors known as core values. We believe leaders who focus on people will produce the returns required for an organization to be successful.

We developed the Performance Culture System™ (PCS) to ensure behaviors are never ignored in the efforts to achieve business results. Great performing organizations require great coaches. The Performance Culture platform provides leaders and supervisors with an agile, effective system to guide the process and capture the information needed to support performance improvement efforts. Performance Culture provides employees a process to achieve their personal and career goals through coaching, feedback, and clear expectations.

Mediocrity should not be accepted and organizations should not be weighed down by disengaged employees simply because leaders don’t have the courage or energy to hold team members accountable. The Performance Culture platform enables managers to have crucial conversations that help team members maximize their potential.

In order for Performance Culture to be successful and achieve our vision, we must have partners who:

  1. Believe in what Performance Culture does;
  2. Follow the Performance Culture process;
  3. Have the experience and people skills required to be an effective coach; and
  4. Love helping others maximize their potential.


Our Core Values

Core Value - Accountability


We deliver on our action plans and are focused on our goals (even when we struggle to achieve desired business results).

Core Value - Candor


We appreciate your thoughts and opinions — You are encouraged to be candid. If we have an issue, we raise it.


Core Value - Grit


Grit is passion and perseverance over the long haul. We are determined to overcome challenges. We push hard, even when it is difficult.


We have a passion for what we do and give it everything we have, all the time. We bring our best and show our appreciation to others because we love what we do, our team, and the people we serve.


Core Value - Inclusive


We are all a team. We win together, rejoice together, mourn together. We will not develop cliques, or tolerate “water cooler talk.”

How Are We Different?

Why Are We Different?

CEO & Co-Founder

Melissa Headshot Square

Melissa is passionate about engaging organizations to create strong cultures and inspired employees. She believes good leaders, managers, and an effective performance management process not only achieves the desired culture but also gives organizations a competitive advantage.

Co-founding Performance Culture in 2015, Melissa built upon years of business and financial consulting experience to help create the framework for Performance Culture’s performance review process and software. Additionally, she has created Leadership and Manager Training Workshops focused on helping Leaders grow in their communication, emotional intelligence, coaching, and leadership skills.

Prior to joining Performance Culture, Inc., Melissa worked in banking and financial sales and became a top performer among her peers. She graduated with a B.S. in Business Economics and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.