We believe people deserve a chance to be great and work in an environment they love; and that an organization’s culture should build a sense of community while fulfilling its mission.  We believe managers should be more than supervisors – They should coach and mentor their employees.

Company culture drives an organization’s competitive advantage because it determines how things are done and how people behave — an advantage that is difficult to copy. When your culture drives performance and fosters team chemistry, it’s known as a Performance Culture. While each organization’s culture is unique, a Performance Culture includes a pattern of remarkably consistent behaviors known as core values. We believe leaders who focus on people will produce the returns required for an organization to be successful.

We developed the Performance Culture System™ (PCS) to ensure behaviors are never ignored in the efforts to achieve business results. Great performing organizations require great coaches. The Performance Culture platform provides leaders and supervisors with an agile, effective system to guide the process and capture the information needed to support performance improvement efforts. Performance Culture provides employees a process to achieve their personal and career goals through coaching, feedback, and clear expectations.

Mediocrity should not be accepted and organizations should not be weighed down by disengaged employees simply because leaders don’t have the courage or energy to hold team members accountable. The Performance Culture platform enables managers to have crucial conversations that help team members maximize their potential.

In order for Performance Culture to be successful and achieve our vision, we must have partners who:

  1. Believe in what Performance Culture does;
  2. Follow the Performance Culture process;
  3. Have the experience and people skills required to be an effective coach; and
  4. Love helping others maximize their potential.

How are we different?


Best in Breed Chart


The Performance Culture System™ was developed by Cornerstone Business Advisors based on the work it has done with 100+ clients, many of whom are qualified for INC’s 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies. Cornerstone, founded in 2007, realized there was a pattern of success while working with companies that defied the odds during the Great Recession (2008 – 2011). This pattern included four simple elements: People, Process, Strategy and Leadership. Dallas Romanowski, the founder of Cornerstone, published the Performance Culture book in August 2012 describing these patterns and included techniques to implement the four elements inside any organization. The book became a coaching guide for Cornerstone Advisors and the leadership teams they worked with.

Initially, the tools used to implement the Performance Culture System included multiple templates (spreadsheets, presentations and forms). While these templates were effective, it became cumbersome to manage and did not produce the reporting leadership teams needed to track organizational performance. In 2013, the team set out to find a web-based system to model our coaching process but could not find one. This was in large part due to these requirements:

  1. Performance & Talent Management functionality must be able to produce Performance Culture’s Performance Values Matrix.
  2. The Business Planning Templates must be easy to use – Most leadership teams fail to maintain management systems that become too administrative to manage. It has to be easy!
  3. The system has to be cost effective.

Since Cornerstone could not find a system, it decided to build its own and began using it with clients in 2013. The initial clients using the web-based system provided very valuable feedback. This feedback helped Cornerstone develop a viable product that could significantly scale.

In late 2014, the Cornerstone team decided to spin off the Performance Culture System into a new software company.

We believe the Performance Culture System provides our clients with a competitive advantage.

Results from the Performance Culture System

One of the most revealing findings our team has found with the Performance Culture System is the impact the Performance Values Matrix has on employees and leaders. The visual representation of how an employee is performing does more than any number or comment can do. All employees want to be Stars and when they see themselves in the Star category, it provides tremendous satisfaction.

We have also seen rapid improvement by employees in the Matrix’s other three categories. Managers use the Performance Values Matrix as a framework to coach employees. Engaged employees quickly adopt coaching feedback while disengaged employees will often self-select out of the organization.

Employees really enjoy using Performance Culture, something rarely heard about employee appraisal systems. The business results have been amazing too. We have numerous testimonies about how the Performance Culture process has helped increase revenue and profit. Many business leaders also say they have more time to work on the business versus in it because they have elevated their team and delegated responsibilities.

Our Founders

Dallas Romanowski Headshot

Dallas Romanowski, Co-Founder

Dallas has played a critical role in the success of many businesses ranging from the Fortune 5000 to scores of small companies.

Prior to founding Performance Culture, Dallas was a business development executive for IBM, a management consultant for Accenture and an Intern for the Dept. of the Army.

Dallas is also the author of Performance Culture – a leadership book that describes how leaders can drive profit while building a great workplace.

Dallas earned his MBA from Emory University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business from UNCW.

Melissa Headshot Square

Melissa Phillippi, Co-Founder

Working collaboratively with Co-Founder Dallas Romanowski, Melissa created Performance Culture's Coach the Coach program, a foundation for the performance evaluation process. Additionally, she has created Leadership and Manager Training Workshops focused on helping Leaders grow in their communication, emotional intelligence, coaching, and leadership skills.

Prior to joining Performance Culture, Inc., Melissa worked in banking and financial sales and became a top performer among her peers. She graduated with a B.S. in Business Economics and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.