Performance Management Web Based Software

Performance Culture replaces traditional, ineffective performance appraisals with a web-based system focused on coaching and developing high performers.  The software subscription includes training sessions that help managers and employees improve by using the Performance Values Matrix (explained below). 

We believe people deserve a chance to be great and work in an environment they love; that an organization's culture should build a sense of community while fulfilling its mission.  We believe managers should be more than supervisors -- They should coach and mentor their employees.

Your company culture drives your competitive advantage because it determines how things are done and how people behave.  When your culture drives performance and fosters team chemistry, it’s known as a Performance Culture.  While each organization's culture is unique, a Performance Culture includes a pattern of remarkably consistent behaviors, known as core values.  We developed the Performance Culture System to help organizations learn how to develop and coach team members using the workplace behaviors found in high performing companies.

Performance Management Template


Align teams around your mission, vision and core values. Establish performance expectations and workplace behaviors that define success for each employee. 

Tie Business Goals to Employee Performance Objectives


Maximize Your Team’s Potential

Coach team members on performance expectations and development objectives. Focus on key behaviors that drive results and support the company culture.  Request 360° feedback to gauge management effectiveness and employee satisfaction.


Evaluate Performance and Manage Your Team

Evaluate the performance of employees, teams and managers.  Recognize and reward your star employees.  Quickly assess if you have the right employees in the right seats using the Performance Values Matrix. 





Performance Culture’s Impact

"The Performance Culture System transformed our business and culture.  It helps us evaluate whether or not we have the right employees in the right seat and the employee coaching process has helped our managers become more effective."

Jim Moore, James E Moore Insurance Agency

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"The Performance Culture system has had a direct impact on the performance of our business and staff.  It has turned performance evaluations from a low value, but necessary part of our business, to a key driver of company performance and improvement.  Both the company and the individual staff members have benefited tremendously from the system.  We all come out of the evaluation process with measurable and actionable steps for improvement.  This approach drives improved future performance."

Adam Shay, CPA PLLC


"Performance Culture helped us develop a solid succession plan that has not only prepared our next generation of leadership but also taken our company to the next level.  I'm more excited about our company than I have ever been." 

Michael Satrazemis, Founder of Filmwerks

"The comments about Performance Culture and our new process have been very positive.  I look forward to refining some performance objectives and quantifiable goals.  I was looking for a way to sharpen our focus and engage employees.  I believe the Performance Culture system is doing that. 

Also thanks for the full day of coaching.  It really helped ease the managers and employees in the new process."

Julie Wilsey, ILM Airport Director

“When introduced to the Performance Culture System (PCS), I was immediately impressed with the system’s ability to align key players with our company goals as well as the graphic nature of the evaluation results on the 2 x 2 grid.  

“After implementing Performance Culture, our revenue jumped 18% for the 2nd half of 2015.  We were able to communicate our core values and performance objectives for each position much more clearly and easily than ever before. With easy online access, our team was able to understand what each of them needed to do to “move the needle”.

We have for years performed reviews using paper forms. The problem was those reviews would go in a file until the next review. In addition, there was no easy way to compare individual team members with each other. With Performance Culture, we now perform all reviews online (no paper!) and are able to see how all the individuals of the team compare with each other with one view of the Performance-Values Matrix report.

Our teams are more aware than ever before what their goals are and how they are doing week to week, month to month, and quarter to quarter. Each of them are moving their respective needle forward ever so much and the result has been powerful.

From a manager’s standpoint, we used to dread the time and effort that quarterly reviews would take. With Performance Culture, what used to take hours to prepare for, now takes minutes. At the end of the day, Performance Culture makes reviews matter again.

We had our best year ever in 2015 and Performance Culture was a big reason why.”

Bill Dahlquist, Owner – Home Instead Senior Care, Denver, CO